Ugly God recycles XXXTentacion’s Cypher Freestyle on “Tear Drop.” Download and listen here.

The sobering moment last year when XXXTentacion distanced himself from his peers during the XXL Freshman Cypher has resurfaced thanks to Ugly God. The verse XXX performed during the cypher, minus the one XXL deemed inappropriate, were in fact part a greater plan. Ugly God shared a the posthumous record titled “Tear Drop” bearing the same lyrics he heard during their session.

“Tear Drop” traces the creation story behind XXXTentacion’s verse, behind dreamlike production, less obtuse than music you’d normally associate with Ugly God. The entire verse enters a cloudy space where XXX can be witnessed with less eyestrain. Ugly God’s production really seems to highlight the progress XXXTentacion was making to better himself, after seeing his behavior land him in hot water, on both sides of the law.

Although “Tear Drop” is very much a recycled verse, pay it the attention it deserves under new light. Ugly God is simply paying respect to XXX, a man he was once rumored to be at odds him, but nevermore.


Quotable Lyrics:

And if the world ever has an apocalypse
I will kill all of you fuckers
Fear will be plentiful, death will be bountiful
I will spare none of you peasants
Fuck your religion, your pastor fucked kids
And got sent to a prison in PC
I seen the devil, he’s in you and me
You need saving to listen to this, see

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