VIDEO: Damian Marley – Medication (Remix) Ft. Stephen Marley, Wiz Khalifa & Ty Dolla Sign


Damian Marley’s Medication Remix surfaced just in time for Marijuana Christmas. Little did we know it had legs beyond that point.
The remix featuring Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign now has a proper video to its credit. The video is a work of passion. Damian leads a tour of his marijuana farm. Ty Dolla $ign for his part, leads the gang through more urban pastures.

They settle upon a local dispensary where the King Louis Indica is sold. In a world of natural abundance, there is always more than once choice.

The clip is directed by James Larese, known for his work on Action Bronson’s mini novella “Let me Breathe.” Wiz and Ty Dolla’s inclusion gives the song the ragga crossover effect. Every performer’s relationship with Ganja is each his own.

Both Damian & brother Stephen have invested heavily in the Cannabis Industry in the past couple years. Damian, the younger of Bob’s children, plans to convert a California Prison into a Pot Farm. In fact the conversion is probably well under way.

Enjoy the video, comment below.



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