Stephanie Keri drops the video to her Brand New hit Single titled ‘May-Dah- Say’ worldwide. The #1 trending song ‘May-Dah-Say’ is a Ghanaian word in the Twi language meaning ‘THANK YOU”. The song is an amazing concoction of seven (7) different
languages – Twi (Ghanian), Yoruba,
Igbo, Efik (Nigeria), South African,
English, and French languages.

The video was directed by multiple
award winning director, Mr Oluyinka
Davids (iFocus Pictures).

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The song produced by the multi-award
winning music producer, Mr Tee, is a
nicely arranged production with a very
dance-able and intoxicating beat. The
African groove is undeniable and just
makes you move! To some of the people outside the
Eastern part of Nigeria, the name
‘STEPHANIE KERI’ may not be too
familiar, but for someone who has
been singing professionally for over 21
years, it will be a crime to call her an up-and coming artist. ‘May-Dah-Sah’ is the first single out
from her much awaited second album
titled ‘COLOURS’, which is set to be
released in December of 2015. The
album is a fantastic collection of
Twelve (12) well thought-out tracks, with varying expressions and reach,
and a true representation of the African
diversity and uniqueness.

  Stephanie Keri – Onye Eze

Stephanie Keri an amazingly gifted
singer-songwriter, and music minister,
based in the Eastern part of Nigeria. She
started her love affair with music in the
choir of Church of God Mission Inc., to
various other platforms, before finally deciding to produce and release her
debut album titled “Peter Walked On
Water” in November of 2012. The
album produced by Luciano, featured
hit tracks such as ‘Wahala Dey’, ‘Jesus
Power’, and ‘Nkume Ebighiebi’ to mention a few, and was very well
received. With the forthcoming ’COLOURS’ album
by Stephanie Keri produced by
amazing producers such as the
Legendary Multi-Awards winning
international producer – Ambassador
Wole Oni; Multi Awards winning producer –Mr Tee; irresistible Kaycee
Keys, and Mr Elo Oku; the album is sure
to be both a national and international
success. This single represents an in-depth
Research into the African Sound and a
fusion with unique languages, to
showcase the vibrant African sound. Stephanie Keri is also a wife, mother,
and mentor.

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