Slots with High Odds to Win

Slots With High Odds To Win
Slots With High Odds To Win

There are some slots at that give players more chances to win than others. That’s something that casinos and developers have known for a long time, and that players themselves are starting to understand too.

The RTP (return to player) is what makes all the difference, and the higher this figure (expressed in percentage terms) the more chance there is of winning. It’s not guaranteed as nothing with slots ever is, but it does offer a little more hope. So here are some of the games currently available with high odds to win, to help you make a good choice when you’re playing.

Great Rhino

The theme of Great Rhino is an exotic one, which is always going to be popular. Anything that is different to everyday life is going to be received well, especially as players often take to slots for a short period of escapism. In this particular game, you get to be on the African Savannah, and the beautiful graphics and enjoyable, upbeat soundtrack help to make the experience a truly great one.

There are a number of wilds and bonuses that appear on the reels, which is what makes this game have good odds for players since it is in the bonus games that often pay out more. The more chances there are to play them, the more chances there are to win. It’s that simple. And since the bonus game in Great Rhino has a jackpot of 500 times your stake, it’s well worth giving it a try.


Starburst is a popular and well-known slot that has a traditional layout of five reels and 10 paylines. But that’s where the traditional feeling ends; the gameplay itself is fresh and new, even though the game has been around for a little while now. The fact that you can play for just 1p is wonderful, enabling even those with the smallest of budgets to get involved in the action (the max bet is £100 for all those high rollers out there).

The only thing required to win the jackpot is to match the symbols, but there are special features too which make this ‘easy’ to win game even easier.

Fluffy Favourites

If you’re looking for lots of bonus rounds, Fluffy Favourites has to go to the top of your list for sure. However, there is also plenty of standard gameplay too, making this game the best of both worlds whether you like the spinning reels or the bonus games within a game the best. Plus it has a cute theme full of stuffed toys that makes it feel and look gorgeous.

Joker’s Jewels

Joker’s Jewels is something of a rare slot because it is set out like a traditional fruit machine. You don’t get to see this idea that much these days, so when you do it’s always a nice surprise, especially for those who love a bit of nostalgia in their slot playing time.

It’s the eponymous jewels that you need to look out for when you are playing this one because if you collect enough you will win a nice payout – 40 times your stake with you have five on a line, for example.

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