Pusha T – No Problem


Like the titular character of the upcoming Venom flick, Pusha T also embodies somewhat of an antihero. With an ear to the streets and a willingness to get greezy, Pusha has earned a reputation as a formidable opponent. With that in mind, he seems a worthy addition to the upcoming Venom soundtrack, which is set to arrive tomorrow. Yet while many fans have lamented a shift from the film’s “R” rating to “PG-13,” Pusha T’s contribution seems to have undergone the same process.

Where his work on Daytona was the pinnacle of mafioso-oriented hip-hop, his effort here finds the legendary rapper employing an unexpected style, to mixed results. There’s something inherently bizarre about hearing Pusha T drenched in autotune, chanting anthemic melodies over a raucous, pop-friendly instrumental. Lyrically, Pusha comes correct during the verses, though his subject matter seems locked in an eternal battle with the production. Still, the man continues to secure the bag, and who can fault a misstep now and again?

Check out “No Problem” now, also available in select international markets.

Quotable Lyrics

Dead or alive I’m wanted
Just like a ghost I’m haunted
I’m calling the shots, you calling the cops
The angel of death is upon us

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