[Must Read] 10 Annoying Things People Do In A Whatsapp Group


[Must Read] 10 Annoying Things People Do  In A Whatsapp Group

  1. THE COPY AND PASTE MASTERS These set of people, would remain silent in
    the group waiting for a message to paste. All
    those annoying messages that ends with
    “send to 20 people and you will receive good
    news next week in your life” As if God now
    have a Whatsapp account. 2. THE NUMBER STEALERS These set of people, won’t even do the
    courtesy of ” hi” or “sup” they will just go to
    group info and start collecting number of
    opposite s*x with cute D.P. Then you will receive a message like this “hi,
    am Dapo, I got your number from YORUBA
    STUDENTS GROUP” as if that explain why you
    should collect my number in the first place. 3. INTERNET PREACHERS These set of people are the holier than thou
    people, all they do is to send a long sermon
    with different Bible verse and a prayer at the
    end. Knowing fully well that 95% of the Group
    participants won’t read their epistle talk less
    of bringing out their Bible to read the verses. 4. GROUP COMPLAINERS These set only type something in the group to
    inform you that you people are finishing his/
    her MB or that you people are killing his/her
    Battery. 5. PICTURES GURUS These set of people, you find almost in every
    Whatsapp Group. they won’t chat, they won’t
    greet, they post only pictures in the group
    then they leave. Next day they come online
    they post another picture then they leave
    again. 6. OBSERVERS CLUB These are the people that no matter what,
    they will never type anything in the group. If
    you like call their names a thousand times,
    they won’t reply, yet they are in the group,
    year in year out. And they read virtually
    everything that happens there. 7. ANTI GROUP These set of people are against anything
    called a group page, once you include them in
    a group, its like you have stabbed them in the
    heart. The first and last thing they will say in the
    group is “who created this group self” then
    next thing you will see is 08031391*** left. 8. BOSSY ADMIN How I hate these set of Admins, as if
    Whatsapp pays them for the job they are
    doing. Always giving orders here and there.
    And they don’t fail to let you know that they
    can remove you from the group. 9. ONLINE MARKETERS Sometimes I wonder how much they make
    from disturbing people with fake links like
    “learn how to make 200,000 monthly by just
    pressing your phone” or ” get 10gig for just
    N1000 ” as if na their Papa get MTN 10. UNNECESSARY CHATS This to me is the most annoying of them all,
    these set of people mostly two or three
    persons, and they will start discussing
    matters that are private or personal to them in
    a group page, matters that no matter how
    hard you try you won’t understand because you were not there when the incident
    happened. Yet they will bring such discussion
    to a group page. Feel free to add some of the annoying things
    people do in a Whatsapp Group. Add Yours!!

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