Linda Ochagla – You Are God


On a chat with News-Nigrria, the gospel singer told reporters that she wants everyone to know that God listens to our cries. She advises us not to be discouraged because He (God) will come through for you.

Linda Orokpo Ochagla A.K.A. Idoma diva, is one of Idoma’s finest artiste and humanitarian. With a new released titled “You’re God”.

Recently, News-Nigeria reporters met with the Idoma diva in the heart of Abuja, Nigeria’s federal territory, penultimate week and decided to have her talk about her brand new music, “You’re God”.

She said the story is about her daughter who was always falling sick, making her a regular at the hospitals; so she got fed up and cried to God to heal her daughter because she was tired of seeing her sick. “Then I came on Facebook and started watching a video by evangelist Belema Abili, she was preaching the word of God and I was praying along with her, when I went to sleep that night a lady came in my dream and did a deliverance for my daughter and after the deliverance, the lady started singing the chorus of my song, which says “You are God, Lord we have come to worship you, Lord we have come to Praise your name”. I woke up from sleep singing the song and I quickly took my phone and recorded it, and now I am finally releasing the song. My daughter became well after the deliverance.” Da Diva added

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The emotionally occupied Linda said Almighty God reigns and He’s ready to show His mighty work through you.

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