Halsey – Nightmare


Halsey – Nightmare
After days of teasing a new era, Halsey has finally unleashed her brand-new single, “Nightmare.”

Halsey first started turning her latest leaf last week after completely blacking out her social media. Then, she posted a link in her social media bios that directed fans to a site where they could sign up for email alerts and proceed to share their worst ever nightmare.

Then, as fans chose from a series of options such as “falling,” “demons/ghosts,” “natural disaster” or “loved one dying,” the site told them an interpretation of their worst nightmare.

After that, Halsey revealed that a single was coming soon at her May 9 hopeless fountain kingdom show at Webster Hall. At the intimate concert, a banner dropped before fans’ eyes to reveal the single name along with May 17’s date.

Halsey then told fans on Twitter she had hidden lyrics around Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Bay Area and New York City.

Fast forward a few days, Halsey dropped the first teaser photo alluding to the new song with alleged single artwork and lyrics. Additionally, all of Halsey’s teasers have since suggested “Nightmare” would bring a much darker element to her discography.

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