EP: Travis Moolah – Chasing Moolah


Travis Moolah Chasing Moolah
Travis Moolah Chasing Moolah

Travis Moolah, the Nigerian rising star in the music industry, is thrilled to announce the release of his highly anticipated EP, “Chasing Moolah.” The 5-track EP features an incredible collaboration with the industry’s finest artists, including Scott Mulla, Stormexy, Jert, 6ixteen, and Mayn Iller. This collection of tracks showcases Moolah’s versatility as an artist, delivering a captivating blend of genres that will leave listeners wanting more.

“Chasing Moolah” offers a refreshing and unique musical experience that transcends boundaries. Each track presents a distinct style, incorporating elements of rap, hip hop and Afrobeats. Moolah’s ability to seamlessly transition from one genre to another while maintaining authenticity is truly remarkable; a testament to his remarkable talent as a musician.

The EP kicks off with the infectious collaboration track “Friends,” featuring Mayn Iller. The high-energy track sets the tone for an enthralling musical journey that explores the pursuit of success and the desire to achieve greatness. Moolah’s charismatic lyrics combined with Mayn Iller’s unmatched melody create an irresistible synergy that will get fans moving to the vibe.

“Chasing Moolah” continues to impress with “Vibes,” a melodic blend of Stormexy’s rap, Jert’s hook and Moolah’s thought-provoking rap verse. The raw emotion conveyed in this track resonates deeply, drawing listeners into a captivating narrative.

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With “Rollin’,” featuring Scott Mulla, Moolah and Scott demonstrates their lyrical prowess as they bring together an array of rhymes accompanied by a catchy melody. This collaboration invites listeners to dive into Moolah’s world; a world where creativity knows no bounds.

“Chasing Moolah” symbolizes the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams and ambitions. Moolah, along with the talented artists featured on this EP, invite listeners to accompany them on this musical adventure. With each track bringing something unique to the table, fans of various genres are sure to find a favorite. Moolah’s ability to seamlessly blend different styles, while maintaining his authenticity, is a true testament to his artistry.


  1. Friends (feat. Mayn Iller)
  2. Vibes (feat. Stormexy x Jert)
  3. Rollin’ (feat. Scott Mulla)
  4. Grace (feat. 6ixteen)
  5. German

Enjoy the EP below.

DOWNLOAD: Friends (feat. Mayn Iller)

DOWNLOAD: Vibes (feat. Stormexy x Jert)

DOWNLOAD: Rollin’ (feat. Scott Mulla)

DOWNLOAD: Grace (feat. 6ixteen)


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