EP: Machine Gun Kelly – Binge


Well of course Machine Gun Kelly will use the momentum amidst his beef with Eminem. After both sent shots at each other on “Rap Devil” and “Killshot,” the Cleveland native comes through with an EP called Binge.

MGK wastes no time to prove more about his rap prowess as he later announced his new 9 tracks project titled “Binge” after Eminem had released his response which Machine Gun Kelly later labeled as an absolute trash.

A lot of people feel that Eminem diss ended Machine Gun Kelly’s music race while a lot more feel the beef only gave the Ohio rapper a platform to chase more money and attract new fans.

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Do you think MGK’s new project is worth the wait? Do you think he will attract more fans with this body of work? Let us know what you think in the comment section.



1. Long Time Coming 
2. Loco  
3. GTS  
4. Rap Devil  
5. Nylon  
6. Lately  
7. Signs (feat. 24hrs) 
8. Get The Broom  
9. Live Fast Die Young


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