DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Gunna – Oh Okay Ft. Young Thug & Lil Baby


Gunna is flanked by Young Thug & Lil Baby in video for “Oh Okay.”
We are days removed from seeing Gucci Mane’s million dollar advances towards unsigned Gunna get the kibosh by mentor Young Thug. Sensing Gucci’s no frills approach to business has got to serve something , Young Thug has cranked up the pressure, joining his protégé on record, putting a definitive end to any wanderlust.

“Oh Okay” begins with Gunna counting his pay on an oak table. He is soon joined by Young Thug and Lil Baby at the headmaster’s table, where the gang shows blatant disregard for etiquette as they manage to put their sneakers on the oak finish, and rest their double cups on the table without a coaster. This indifference tells us everything we need to know: Gunna won’t be forced into change, by way of the Nouveau Riche, but he will most certainly look the part.

The video was directed by FoolWithTheCamera, who is also responsible for the cinematography in Gunna “Drip or Drown.”

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Gunna – Oh Okay Ft. Young Thug & Lil Baby



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