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Tekashi’s been making a lot of noise lately, whether it’s for good or bad reasons. Either way, it’s damn near impossible not to hear about him if you spend even a fraction of your day on the Internet. He’s the talk of the town and this past week, he was making headlines for the video shoot for “BILLY.” He sent an open invite for the shoot which ultimately resulted with police attempt to close it down. Now, he officially releases the visuals for the song.

Tekashi 6ix9ine releases the new video for “BILLY” which serves as the intro to his album. The video isn’t anything out of the ordinary for 6ix9ine: a lot of people from his area, red bandanas and hanging off of some sort of higher platform. However, what makes the video intriguing is that he cuts those shots of footage of police at his video shoot this past week.

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The last three videos 6ix9ine put out helped him gain numbers on the Billboard charts. Do you think the same will happen with “BILLY?” Sound off in the comments.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: 6ix9ine – Billy

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