Davido’s Manager Reacts To Davido’s Alleged Fight With South African Actress


Popular Nigerian pop singer, Davido, who seems to always ride on the wings of controversies, was in the news just last week over an alleged misunderstanding with a South African actress, who claimed the singer made sexual advances to her in the wrong manner.

Davido who had a sold-out show in Zimbabwe last weekend, was accused of fighting the South African actress, identified as Boity, at a hotel after his performance.

Reports of the altercation were even published in newspapers in Zimbabwe. But in his reaction to the altercation, Davido claims he only gave her attention just because of her name in the Industry, but it seemed like the lday wanted more than that. According to him, that would be the last time he would allow a o** by his side to gain popularity.

Days after that, the singer was also accused by a jeweller, who claimed that Davido made away with some of his jewellery. In a four-part post on Instagram, the jeweller, known as Michael Kaycee, claimed that he gave some jewellery to Davido and his brother in 2011 in Ghana to sell in London.

According to him, upon getting to London, Davido refused to give him the proceeds of the sale and subsequent efforts to get his money have been futile.

However, in a brief chat with Davido’s manager, Asa Asika, he simply said:

“I don’t have any comments about that issue.”

Commenting on the Zimbabwean scandal, Asika said:

“That is not true; it never happened. I don’t know about what was written in any paper.”

Meanwhile, Davido commented on an Instagram post that reported the story, saying, “Part five dey?”

Davido didn’t fight South African actress over sexual advances – Manager lailasnews 3
The singer is definitely having the best of 2018 as his 30 Billion tour has been taken across Africa and records mostly sold-out shows at concert venues.

He recently announced on his Instagram page that the biggest song to come out of Nigeria will be released from his camp in April.



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