Baby Keem – Lost Souls (Remix) ft. Brent Faiyaz


Baby Keem – Lost Souls (remix) Ft. Brent Faiyaz
Baby Keem – Lost Souls (remix) Ft. Brent Faiyaz

The Melodic Blue, which debuted at #5 on the Billboard Top 200 earlier this week, is a mix of Keem’s signature rapping style and a deeper look into his more melodic, more introspective side and with the unveiling of last night’s “lost souls” remix with Maryland singer Brent Faiyaz, we got a perfect combination of the two.

Over a slower, synthier instrumental that gives major last-song-before-the-club-closes vibes, Keem skates through his verses and hands the track off to Faiyaz who comes through serenading anyone who might still be on the dance floor.

Starting his verse lamenting about his 16 missed calls, Faiyaz glides through the ups and downs of missing somebody who’s dealing with the attention from other suitors, but keeps it low-key enough to stay away from the cameras and media attention.

“lost souls” was already one of the smoothest tracks on The Melodic Blue and Faiyaz’ vocals make it more like butter. This is a record you could hear when the lights are low and your watch is reading 2 or 3 in the morning or when you’re in the car and every streetlight feels more like a spotlight as you drive into the night.

Checkout “lost souls” with Brent Faiyaz below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

Bad b*tch with chrome toes
And we shoot movies, not photos
She not in for the
Nobody know her name




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