ALBUM: Tatiana Manaois – Love Diaries of an Introvert


Tatiana Manaois – Love Dairies Of An Introvert
From the start of the year, one will confidently think that apart form singles and possible collaboration(s), they won’t be any other project from Tatiana Manaois, be it an album, EP or mixtape. With lots of great music released so far, I must say I was one of the happiest person after hearing the announcement of her upcoming album that is now here.

With her music writing skills and singing prowess, Tatiana has over the years stole the hearts of many music lovers (me included lol) and just doesn’t seem to be lacking in her abilities anytime soon.

The new album that is currently available in selected markets worldwide is called “Love Diaries of an Introvert” and Tatiana has gifted out a total of 12 tracks on the project. Amongst the 12 tracks is her already released song “Luv That Shit.”

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Although they are a lot more about this album that we would really love to talk about, but due to the fact that we know how urgent a listen is important at this point, we’ll let you take a listen and do the talking yourself.

You can download and listen “Love Dairies of an Introvert” below and don’t forget to share your thoughts because it’s very important to us.



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