A Guide To 75 Ball Bingo

A Guide To 75 Ball Bingo
A Guide To 75 Ball Bingo

Many gambling games have stood the test of time. Slots were invented in the 19th century and even gambling bans could not kill these machines off. During bans they took on different forms such as those of fruit machines and vending machines. The origins of bingo goes back even further and we have to travel all the way to Italy and the year 1530 to discover how it all began.

Bingo is in fact based on an Italian lottery game known as Giuoco Lotto Italia. This lottery game was so popular that it spread across Europe. However, when it landed at the doorstep of France, the French modified the game and gave birth to something akin to modern 90-ball bingo. This French game called Le Lotto, developed further and became known as bingo, other variations on bingo were eventually created including 75-ball bingo.

The Digital Revolution and Bingo
The digital revolution of the 1990s was a huge turning point in the gambling industry. The industry was faced with a simple dilemma, join the revolution or ignore it for the status quo. Luckily for gambling, they decided to join the digital age despite the costs involved and the rest as they say, is history.

Bingo did not enjoy the same quick success that online casinos and video slots did – deposit now. These appeared on the internet in 1996 and became instant hits. Bingo was hindered by its own success as a social game and the thought of moving this game from bingo halls to the virtual world was hard for some to get their heads round.

Bingo gently simmered away in the background online and it wasn’t until 2003 that it became a major hit with online gamblers. What really sealed the deal for the future of bingo was the introduction of mobile gaming through smartphones and other mobile devices. All forms of bingo increased in popularity and this was also the case for 75-ball bingo.

75-Ball Bingo Explained

75-ball bingo tickets consist of 25 squares made of 5 rows and 5 columns. Pre picked numbers from 1 to 75 fill the squares. However, the middle square contains a star instead of a number. You can have winning rows where you complete and dab off all numbers in a line, or you can win bigger prizes for a full house. The numbers are picked from results created by an RNG or Random Number Generator. This is a microchip the constantly creates number sequences that are translated into spins or bingo numbers across a bingo site platform. Online casinos and bingo sites use RNG microchips extensively to produce unbiased and totally random bingo results.

Final Thoughts

75-ball bingo is hugely popular in America, but is still regularly available in Europe, despite coming a distant second to 90-ball. It is quite a fast game and perfect for those who think 30-ball bingo is over far too soon. It is a little different from other bingo games when it comes to winning combinations and this keeps things fresh.

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